Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Are Fed Up


All our ISP  MONTHLY BILLS go to huge corporations taking our money out of our community and putting it in big pockets that are already stuffed. 
This does not help our local employment situation at all.


We began by trying antennas and there are hundreds of designs out there. We were as confused as you are. How can you know what works for you until you buy one and try it?


So we did, now you won't have to.

We found out a lot of things:

1.  Where you are makes the crucial difference. So you must think about where you are. Are you in a valley surrounded by mountains or are you on top of one of those mountains? Are you in the city  surrounded by high buildings or in a rural area, a rural town, a medium sized city, or way way out in the country with your dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, pigs and screaming every time you have to use dial-up and wait and wait and wait. Are you in an apartment complex, a subdivision development, a suburban tree lined street?

The sellers from Hong Kong are doing enormous volume sales.They do not provide any service for you or any user friendly help with your unique problem. Where you live, what is around you, what you want it for, who is going to use it, and all those numerous irritating questions a wholesaler does not want to bother with, but which are crucial for you to have answered. 

So if you live across from McDonald's, your free library, Starbucks, your access is very different from that person living with horses, cats, cows, and rolling land. If you are in a suburban area, a development, have neighbors as friends, you are in a still different situation. 

Agnes Martin

This is what we will help you figure out!

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